Main Instructor

  • - Training in the Bujinkan arts since 1990
  • - Studying every year in Japan since 1993
  • - Experience of several other systems & actively cross trains
  • - Still a student, still training hard & still developing


I began training in martial arts at the age of 13, initially studying modern systems such as Aikido. In 1990 I was introduced to the traditional Japanese martial arts and began studying in the Bujinkan school under the kind but extremely painful tutelage of Peter King & Phil McNulty.

Before I had experienced these traditional systems I (somewhat arrogantly) felt that I had a reasonable grasp of martial arts. However, I was bowled over by the Bujinkan in terms of technique, practicality, philosophy and informal culture.

I (mis)spent the next 4 years training every day, travelling to find likeminded people who were focused on understanding both the lessons/approach from the Japanese traditions and how to apply them to the real world of modern self defence.

Between 1990 and 2003 I attended the vast majority of the European seminars taught by the heir of the Bujinkan traditions, Dr Masaaki Hatsumi, seeing him several times a year. Sadly in 2003 he stopped travelling abroad to teach.

In 1993 I travelled to Japan to train with Dr Hatsumi and his senior students for the first time. Since then I have trained in Japan every year without fail, occasionally visiting a few times a year.

Please note that this is not particularly unusual in the Bujinkan or hard to do, but when combined with practical training it makes all the difference in terms of understanding.

The Bujinkan has an unusual approach to grading, and like many dedicated westerners I have inadvertently accumulated all the bling, badges & grades along the way. However, I believe that it’s best to judge a martial artist by their skill and character rather than their certificates. So please come and visit class to judge me for your yourself.

My objective is to transmit the teachings of Dr Hatsumi / the Bujinkan to the members of the club. I believe that any martial artist must focus equally on technique and practical application and that this is the essence of the old style martial arts that from the Bujinkan.

In my classes I try my best to emulate the way that the art is taught in Japan and follow the natural progression that each martial artist must go through.

Other Instructors

We are very fortunate in our club because there are many excellent black belts and shidoshi (ie 5th dan+) who train at Kings Cross. Several of them have been training for over 15 years and are highly capable instructors in their own right.

They are all very happy to help beginners learn this amazing art by pairing up with you in the main class and by running the Shidoshi Class on wednesdays in Hammersmith and the weekend training sessions.


Unfortunately due to the large number of phone calls received when I placed my phone number there I am unwilling do discuss training over the phone.

If you would like to discuss training rather than using email, then please feel free to come along during a class & I will be more than happy to take the time to answer any queries that you may have.