So what are the classes like?

Class sizes range between 15 and 30 people. People's ages range from 16 to 50+ and we have people from both sexes.

There is very little formality, you do not have to bow at each other or address people in a particular way and there's no egotistical hierarchy to follow.

Each class is different and every one is equal regardless of grade. We change partners 4-5 times during the class. This gives you a chance to meet people, train with some of the more experienced students & essentially get personal tuition from one of the black belts if you want.

We train on a hard floor and you will be taught methods for falling safely onto it. Unlike many martial arts that are taught on padded floors, we believe that it is crucial for students to learn & practice how to survive in the real world of hard floors. However, this skill takes time to develop so you will not have to fall onto the floor until you feel you are ready for it.

You do not have to (unless you feel particularly compelled to):

  • - Strut about in lines
  • - Shout
  • - Learn Japanese
  • - Bow lots
  • - Accept everything you are told without questioning it

Most evenings end with a refreshing glass of beer in a nearby pub

Class Format

The basic workshop covers:

  • - Warm up / stretching to avoid injury & build flexibility
  • - How to fall and return to standing safely
  • - How to minimise injury when struck or locked
  • - Punching / hand strikes
  • - Kicking
  • - Blocking
  • - Locks
  • - Throws

The main class is focused on the techniques being taught in Japan during the year and realistic self defence

Each class is different, but will cover some of the following:

  • - Defences from a wide variety of strikes
  • - Escapes from chokes and holds
  • - The use of any area of your body to strike
  • - More advanced locks, chokes, throws, grips etc
  • - The ability to fall safely on hard surfaces
  • - Leaping & rolls
  • - Balance breaking
  • - The use of distance and space¬†(working in close quarters and at longer distances)
  • - Dealing with multiple opponents
  • - Ninjutsu & deception
  • On the last session of each month we focus on:

  • - Ground fighting / defences (7.30-8.00pm)
  • - The use of weapons
  • - Unarmed defence from armed opponents

Beginners are welcome to attend either class and most people attend both


The underlying principle is that training is available to all & is not something that I profit from

All classes are pay as you go

Main Class in Central London

The price for training is £10 per evening

(£5 for students / unemployed)

Included in this price is an optional basics workshop for 1/2 hour before class (lead by the head instructor)

Other Costs

Registration costs £10 (this must be paid before you start training)

Annual membership to the Japanese Honbu Dojo costs approx £12 (this is paid in Jan each year)

Grading costs approx £20 for Kyu (green belt) grade (this must be paid within a month of being graded)

Other Classes Available

There are several additional classes offered to club members by the blackbelts from the club (dojo)

The prices are available on request